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HISTORY Moments You Never Forget …

He was a friendly, good looking, even erudite monster, this Rudolf Höss from the paradisic spa Baden-Baden in Germany. From 1940 to 1943 he was the commandant of the KZ Auschwitz and during his reign of terror 2,43 million jews (Höss himself confessed) were killed, often by himself. After the war Germany extradited him to … Weiterlesen »

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NAZIS In Praise of Franz Ehrlich … (No. 53)

His name: Franz Ehr- lich. He was the last of the great Bau- haus mas- ters of Dessau when he died in 1984. After a very eventful – and terrible – life: For his communist underground activities the Nazis put him into prison, concentration camps and the notorious penal company 999. After the war Ehrlich … Weiterlesen »

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ART Oh, What A Shame … (No. 20)

The artist was a poor person, both in fate and personality: Communist, member of the legendary Bauhaus in Dessau, Nazi prisoner, victim in a Concentration Camp, close collaborator with its SS commandant, soldier in the infamous penal company 999, prisoner of war in Yugoslavia, star architect and designer of the socialist East Germany and for … Weiterlesen »

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NORWAY If You Ever Come To Stavanger (No. 26)

This town in Norway has such a beautiful port! A deep fjord, lined on both sides by friendly hills, islands and old houses, divides Stavangar, but not even two generations back the inhabitants had to fight for their lives. The German Nazis (and their Norwegian counterparts) had occupied the proud „Victoria Hotel“ (just look at it!) as … Weiterlesen »

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