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Botswana Is Turning The Screw …

… and Safaris become more and more difficult! WELL, MAYBE THEY ARE WISE IN A WAY – protecting wildlife against tourism. The latest „security measures“ for the Okavango Delta, the Savuti, the Kalahari and so on are as follows: 1. You can build a camp with maximal 12 tents only! 2. A group which is lager than … Continue reading »

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TREES A Story Of Glory … (No. 51)

I want to tell you about the mysterious „Baines’ Baobabs“The world got to know about them, when the Britisch painter Thomas Baines (1820-1875) came home from an Africa trip and presented his painting of the 7 trees, called then „The Sleeping Sisters“, standing in the Kalahari Desert, right in the middle of Bechuanaland, now Botswana. … Continue reading »

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SURVIVAL The Nice Advice … (No. 8)

You don’t want fire ants eating you? Then drum a tree …The first time I camped in the Kalahari, I looked for a shady tree who could also protect me from rain and pitched my tent underneath. Big mistake: When fire ants heard me snoring, they crawled out from the tree, conquered my sleeping body … Continue reading »

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MUSIC Moments You Never Forget … (No. 31)

Suddenly in the desert you hear a simple symphony!They call it „Bushman’s Piano“. It is the musical instrument of the San people, living in the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa (but all over Africa many tribes have it). You sit under a Baobab tree for a sip of water and a nap, watching animals and … Continue reading »

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TRAVEL The Book To Look … (No. 24)

Meet Lawrence G. Green and his 34 works on Southern Africa Lawrence was born 1900 in Kimberley (South Africa) and died 1972 of skin cancer – the price so many explorers have to pay after years of exposure to the sun. He wrote 34 books, one better than the other, all about the secrets of … Continue reading »

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ODDITY Let’s Get Personal … (No. 7)

The castle in the desert we donated to Namibia‘s govermentThere is nothing but dunes and stony hills. Bare country Namibia. Hot and dry. Hardly a green spot. And then you drive around a corner – and there it is: Duwisib Castle. Some of you, I’m sure, have seen it. A granduncle of mine, the crazy … Continue reading »

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