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STARS Have You Got James Dean’s Autograph?

COLLECTING AUTOGRAPHS IS A TOUGH GAME – because I insist, that 50 % of all the signatures on the market are fakes or replicas or, word, written by somebody who knows how the stars signed his name. Especially if you get a piece of paper with the autograph only. Not a letter or with a … Weiterlesen »

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ART A Conversation Piece … (No. 51)

The church in Borja (Spain) is wonderful and 400 years old. The oil painting of Jesus, originally from the 19th century, was also a good on in the adapted style of Guido Reni, I would say. But the church fell into oblivion and the painting rotted away. There was not much left of the suffering … Weiterlesen »

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BIBLE A Story of Glory … (No. 17)

The Marriage at Cana, I would say, took place when Jesus was ca. 30 years old. True? This means the year 30 A. C. The Bible says: When they ran out of wine at the party, Jesus performed his first miracle and changed the water in a couple of earthen tankards into wine of first … Weiterlesen »

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