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The Art Of Fumiko & Hiroshi

Bonsai and pottery on the highest level ,,, MY FRIEND HANS, whom an unexpected and unjustified stroke of fate (because he didn’t cause it by doing anything wrong) shackles to his bed forever, told me the following story from his second fatherland Japan (his wife Yoko is Japanese and he has written most valuable books … Continue reading »

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EQUIPMENT The Knife, A Man Has to Have …

It’s terribly expensive, terribly nice – and made of a Meteorite! I HAVE SEEN SOMETHING LIKE THAT MANY TIMES – but I didn’t realize it!  Because it was too strange to comprehend. A weapon forged with metal of which METEORITES are made? I probably even read the word „Meteorite“ but make the connection with the … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS (?) Moments you Never Forget (No. 44)

Beware: There is a jellyfish, much bigger than you!Luckily, my headline is wrong – there won’t be an unforgettable moment, because it is extremely unlikely that you will ever encounter this monster: Nemopilema nomurai! The giant jellyfisch in Japanese waters. A citizen of the ocean whose body might exceed two meters or 6,5 feet in … Continue reading »

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NOBILITY A Conversation Piece … (No. 36)

Which country has the most counts, dukes, barons and so on?How strong is nobility in reality? Well, in monarchies the Blueblooded play still an at least optically dominant role. In true democracies they are relicts of a glorious past. But how many people belong to the nobility in countries with an aristocratic past? The figures … Continue reading »

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HOTSPOT A Story Of Glory … (No. 48)

Where can you enjoy the most beautiful cherry blossoms? Here!… in Japan, naturally! The place is called Hirosaki and it lies in the northwest of the island of Honshu. In the park of the town grow 2600 cherry trees who explode from the end of April until mid-May and they celebrate the Festival „Sakura Matsuri“ … Continue reading »

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FOOD A Story Of Glory … (No. 49)

Meet Jiro Ono, the Grandmaster of Sushi with three Michelin Stars Jiro Ono, born not long after World War I, is a sushi chef who runs a restaurant inside a Tokyo subway station, called „Sukiyabashi Jiro“. One of the secret being the producer of the best Sushi in the world is his knowledge of rice—his … Continue reading »

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NEW ZEALAND In Praise of … a Cathedral (39)

Soon it’s time moment to fly to Christchurch in New Zealand …Before the devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake of February 2011, Christchurch on New Zealand’s South Island was for inside travelers one of the most charming towns on the hemisphere below the equator (or even all around the world). But its natural beauty is so enormous, … Continue reading »

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STYLE This Shop Is Top… (No. 17)

La Rochere in France is making glass since 1475I’m fascinated by century old companies, still going strong. Just look in the internet for the list of Oldest Companies – you will be amazed: There is a hotel in Japan, open since 705, and a restaurant in Salzburg (Austria), open since 803. And in 1475 the first … Continue reading »

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WAR If You Ever Come to Solomon Islands (No. 59)

… have a look at the open air museum of horror in Guadalcanal Andreas Bender, the famous und very last „Master of the Art of Travel“, did a 10 000 nautical miles airsafari in Melanesia and Micronesia, starting and ending in Mt. Hagen (Papua-New Guinea). He made a stop on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. … Continue reading »

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IDIOTS Interesting People … (No. 15)

Meet Charles R. Jenkins, the most tragical deserter in historyOne of the most beautiful islands of Japan is Sado. It lies close to the west coast of the largest island Honshu and opposite the town of Niigata. If you visit there, you will hear a whisper. Something which sounds like Scharlsu Lobert Dschenn-kings. But when … Continue reading »

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