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HIDE-AWAYS I’m Going To Tell You A Secret …

… and some people will hate me for doing it!   „ALBERGO DELL’ ANGELO“ is a historic mini-hotel in the southwestern Italian Town of Pieve di Teco. A forgotten settlement in the mountains above the Riviera, which lost 80 % of its inhabitants in the last 20 years, just 1000 are left. An old town, … Continue reading »

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NIGHTLIFE In Milan After Midnight …

I strongly recommend the „Old Fashion Club“ in the Parco Sempione A DRINK, A DANCE – NICE PEOPLE? Yes, possible! In the „Old Fashion Club“, a covered and open air affair in the Parco Sempione, the entrance being in the Viala Emilio Alemagna, 6. The building is called Palazzo dell’Arte di Milano, and you should … Continue reading »

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TRAVELLING There Is A Room Like A Stadium …

You wouldn’t believe it, until you see it with your own eyes! I’VE NEVER EVEN IMAG- INED, that a thing like this could exist! Not even far away, in Padua in Italy, Padova in Italian. A room like a football field or a wide market place but covered. 82 m or 72 yards long, 27 … Continue reading »

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Neither have I. But that’s a shame – let’s got to Sicily at once … ANOTHER FINE TROVE IN SICILY! This time in the eastern part of this Italian island, in the Hinterland of Messina, ca. 80 kilometers away in western direction, on the northern flank of the vulcano Etna (so active, it offers a … Continue reading »

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ISLANDS I Found The Half Forgotten Egadis …

… and what a secret paradise are these island off Sicily! WHEN I GOT THERE, I was speechless! I had been in Sicily so often, been on the other islands around this big island, Italy in general was a favourite travel destination since my very early days. But I had, until recently, never heard of … Continue reading »

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ISLANDS Never Heard Of Cavallo? Read This!

Here is an almost forgotten piece of land in the Mediterranean …In the 1970s Cavallo was a hotspot – but not for long. You know how the Jetset is: easily bored, because they are egocentrics, not really interested in where they land. Cavallo, a tiny island between Corsica (France) and Sardegna (Italy) was lost again … Continue reading »

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GASTRONOMY The Oldest Osteria On Earth!

It’s in Ferrara, exists since 1435 – and was never closed!If you ever come close to this beautiful Italian town, save an evening and ca. 30 Euro (=  US$ 40) for the Osteria „Al Brindisi“. I went there some 50 years ago and came back recently – into a restaurant which hadn’t changed a bit, … Continue reading »

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MUSEUMS The News To Use … (No. 26)

Venice has a new highlight – it smells!Some cities have nothing, some have everything! Venice is such a town. And now there opens another museum, the only one of its kind in Italy: the „Museum of Parfume“. They put into the same building as the already world-famous „Museum of Costumes and Film“, the Palazzo Mocenigo, … Continue reading »

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EATING In Praise of Culatello di Zibello (34)

That’s the best ham you can get – says Prince Charles!Say what you want about him. But the British Prince Charles loves, and knows, the good things in life. That’s why he sends from time to time the meat of his celebrated pigs to Cremona in Northern Italy. Because there the produce the „Culatello di … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS Moments You Never Forget … (No. 38)

Imagine: You swim and suddenly a giant sea shell is in your way!It happened to me, who is not an experienced diver: I swam near the Italian island of Elba, reach the bottom of the sea in about 5 m or 15 feet – and encountered a mystic experience: Giant sea shells, about 80 cm … Continue reading »

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