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CRIME Better Avoid El Salvador!

EL SALVADOR IS A TINY COUNTRY, HER SIZE EQUALS ISRAEL OR THE GERMAN STATE HESSIA, AND IT’S SMALLER THAN DJIBOUTI OR NEW JERSEY! But the capital, SAN SALVADOR, holds a unique world record: Nowhere are so many people murdered – and the murderers are in 95 % of the cases not brought to trial! The … Weiterlesen »

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MUSEUMS If You Ever Come to Munster (No. 73)

It’s called „Das Deutsche Panzer Museum“ in German – and hardly anybody knows that it even exists! It’s located in the small town of Munster (Hans-Krüger-Str.33), halfway between Hamburg and Hanover in Northern Germany. There you see 6000 items in 5 enormous halls, all exposition pieces connected with the wars in the 20th century. The … Weiterlesen »

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TRIBES Lost & Found … (No. 63)

Maybe not all are good, but genuine Samaritans, descendants of the famous well-meaning people of the Bible. You remember? It’s a parable told by Jesus. According to the Gospel of Luke 10:30-37 a traveller is beaten, robbed, and left half dead along the road. First a priest and then a Levite come by, but both … Weiterlesen »

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