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Tagged With: Islam

FASHION A Burqa Is Not Always A Burqa …

EVERYTIME I SAW A VEILED MUSLIM WOMAN, I thought: „Hey, another one in a Burqa!“ I was mistaken by 80 %. Because muslim women are forced to wear (but some hide their beauty voluntarily) five different outfits, depending on the grade of religiosity of their husbands (well, and their own, I guess). I present them … Weiterlesen »

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POLITICS Let’s Hate The „Caucasus Emirate“

THERE IS SOMETHING SO MEAN AROUND THE CORNER – and the world isn’t aware of it! The CAUCASIAN EMIRATE!!!! A ghost state, existing only in the heads and on the maps of the most brutal terrorists of our time. With flag and constitution, recognized (so they claim) by Saudi-Arabia and the Iran already, occupying – … Weiterlesen »

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RELIGION Follow The Arrows …

THE PEACEFUL AND SUCCESSFUL ADVANCE OF THE ISLAM in Christian countries is, in my opinion, strongly manifested in ARROWS! In those small, sometimes discreet signs in international hotels all over Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Ocenania, all pointing in one direction – to Mecca! I found them on the ceilings of rooms (in the „Swiss … Weiterlesen »

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LITERATURE The Book(s) To Look … (No. 32)

Sir Wil- fred, my cher- ished idol, was a mys- teri- ous person. A recluse who loved the desert and the nomads who never molested the public with his homosexuality (he was too well educated in the best British schools, universities and services) – and is. I think, the only men able to help us … Weiterlesen »

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TRAVEL The Book To Look … (No. 32)

This guy is good! I have read three of his books: Siberia, Chiba – and this one: „Shadow of the Silk Road“, published 2006. Author Colin Thubron (*1939) is an Englishman and travels on foot, by bus, taxi, train or or whatever moves in his direction. He sleeps where he stops when the night falls, … Weiterlesen »

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RESTAURANT Interesting People … (No. 55)

This is a message for all soccer (football) fans: One of the best of our times, the French International and star of the German team FC Bayern Munich, Franck Ribery, is co-owner (with his wife Wahiba) of a so called Cafe with the name „OhShaHiz“ in his hometown Boulogne-sur-Mer. I say „so called“ because it’s … Weiterlesen »

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WOMEN If You Ever Come to … Mahe (No. 32)

There are about 400 000 people in the Maledives islands, roughly 200 000 are women, and beautiful ones indeed, but you rarely see them, only in the capital Mahe. The Maledives are a strict Islamic country, one of the first non-Arabic, and it is unheard of that a Maldedivia marries a  foreigner of another religion. … Weiterlesen »

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