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Tagged With: Iran

POLITICS The USA Are Crazier Than You Think

WHAT I TELL YOU NOW, you will probably not believe. But trust me: I didn’t believe it myself, when it occurred to me. When? In the summer and autumn of 2015. So start listening: First I wanted to sell an almost 200 year old copper bowl from Persia, produced around 1750, part of the famous … Weiterlesen »

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FUTURE Tehran Is An Interesting Place …

WELL, I CAN’T SAY that the Iran is a touristic hotspot in the moment. The country is still with visiting, I could spend years there without being bored one single day – but if have a chance to fly to Tehran, grant yourself a short trip to Darband. That’s the hilly suburb in the north … Weiterlesen »

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PEOPLE Lost And Found … (No. 72)

It’s so strange! You know of course that Jesus spoke Arameic, down to his last words on the cross, and the last time you heard it was in Mel Gibson’s breathtaking movie „The Passion of Christ“. And then you sit in a Black Sea cafe in Trabzon (Turkey), hear a language spoken on the table … Weiterlesen »

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HISTORY A Story Of Glory … (No. 2)

Wars might be declared over the answer. Ask Wikipedia – and get confused! It says Damascus, but here the question splits in two: The oldest, permanently settled place or something the archeologists found and dug up? Vast difference! Tihuanaco in Mexico was there before the magma stemmed the Andes up to 6000 m or 18 … Weiterlesen »

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TRAVEL The Book To Look … (No. 32)

This guy is good! I have read three of his books: Siberia, Chiba – and this one: „Shadow of the Silk Road“, published 2006. Author Colin Thubron (*1939) is an Englishman and travels on foot, by bus, taxi, train or or whatever moves in his direction. He sleeps where he stops when the night falls, … Weiterlesen »

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DRINKS I Got A Strange Message … (No. 45)

My friend Mahin is a matron, married to a colonel in Iran, and I know her for over 40 years. That’s why we trust each other. Her Story goes like this: The Arab world wanted to find „a Muslim alternative“ to „unholy Western drinks“ like Coke. So the brewed a copy. They did this in … Weiterlesen »

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ANIMALS In Praise of … the Onager (No. 12)

No wonder it lives in Iran, this sand-coloured Persian Wild Ass or Onager. You can see them in zoos, a bit larger than the average donkey and with a nice deep-brown brush along the spine. They are steppe mammals, shy but aggressive and not even the Romans managed to tame them. We saw crocs, rhinos, polar … Weiterlesen »

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