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COSMETICS The Discovery Of A Treasure

A good perfume is like good red wine – even after 100 years … IF YOU HAD TOLD ME, that I should sprinkle my precious body with a 100 years old Eau de Cologne, I would have declared you insane! Yesterday I did it – and it was one of the best discoveries – cosmetic-wise … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS Save The Hippo From The Critics!

They say they are the killers of Africa? Who spreads this nonsense?Well, the Internet does! The nitwits who stock it with billions of rubbish. Like this one: „The animal that kills the most people in Africa is the hippopotamus because it is very territorial and very physically powerful. Although they are mostly herbivorous they are … Continue reading »

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FASHION This Shop Is Top … (No. 20)

You love hats? Then you will love LoveHats.comIt’s a clever website, constructed for all genders and especially for those fashionistas when walking bareheaded. This shop sells latest and vintage hat models (even the ones of Philip Treacy and Yvette Jelfs), and they discover new talents and their creations which are normally not easy to find. The … Continue reading »

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EATING In Praise of … French Butter (No. 38)

Heard of „Echire“? No? You missed something but saved money! Echire Butter is produced mostly by hand, is salted and comes in a basket. The producers use only the milk of cows in this small village between Poitiers and La Rochelle. Hailed as the best butter in France, Echire is served in the finest dining establishments … Continue reading »

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