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CURIOSITIES Animals with Trump’s Hairstyle!

Don’t say zoologists are too serious to have humour … YES, THE USA GOT A NEW PRESI- DENT – Donald J. Trump! The millionaire with the fuzzy blond hairstyle.  And would you believe that he got contem- poraries in the animal world, named after him, because the zoologists discovered that the had the same weird … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS Save The Hippo From The Critics!

They say they are the killers of Africa? Who spreads this nonsense?Well, the Internet does! The nitwits who stock it with billions of rubbish. Like this one: „The animal that kills the most people in Africa is the hippopotamus because it is very territorial and very physically powerful. Although they are mostly herbivorous they are … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS Moments You Never Forget … (No. 46)

If you see this flying horror, close the windows, get out the gun!I didn’t believe it until I saw it. And before I saw it for the first time, I read about it – in the entertaining book „Delagoa Bay“, written in 1891 by the English lady Rose Monteiro. That’s what she wrote, living near … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS The Book To Look … (No. 35)

How insects gave us the soundtrack of our existenceAccording to Socrates, who journeyed to the countryside outside of Athens to hear their siren song, cicadas were the re-incarnation of human poets and singers. In his latest book, „Bug Music“ (St. Martin’s Press, 288 pages, US$ 26.99), David Rothenberg continues his exploration of the relationship between … Continue reading »

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PROTECTION The News To Use … (No. 25)

The South Africans should know what helps against the pest! … and they do! Truely: Isn’t it ridiculous to buy cremes, sprays and fluids against mosquitos, sandflies and other biting and stinging insects anywhere else but the countries where these menaces are at home? I thought so when I came across „Tabard“. Produced in South … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS A Story of Glory … (Nr. 21)

What is the loudest creature on earth? You wouldn’t believe it! Ralph, my English Celeoptera friend, always asks me such silly questions because he thinks, that Celeopterae – or beetles – are the most amazing and beautiful animals on earth. I don’t think so. But then Ralph came up with this simple question: „What is … Continue reading »

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Moments You Never Forget … (No. 4)

It’s only a leaf! Yes, but it moves on six legs!I tell you what the real problem is: You don’t want to kill it! Even after a shrill cry and a 3 yards high jump, because you sensed it first on your tummy inside the sleepingbag and then you saw it (after the jump) under … Continue reading »

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