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WILDLIFE The Most Deadly National Park!

Why so many people are killed by animals in an protected area … IN NORTHEASTERN INDIA, IN ASSAM! It’s called KAZIRANGA and naturally you can’t find any information about the deadly dangers lurking in this tiger, elephant and buffalo N. P. Informations would scare tourists away and the authorities depend on as many visitors as … Continue reading »

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EQUIPMENT The Knife, A Man Has to Have …

It’s terribly expensive, terribly nice – and made of a Meteorite! I HAVE SEEN SOMETHING LIKE THAT MANY TIMES – but I didn’t realize it!  Because it was too strange to comprehend. A weapon forged with metal of which METEORITES are made? I probably even read the word „Meteorite“ but make the connection with the … Continue reading »

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ISLANDS Oh, What A Shame … (No. 16)

The sad story of the Sentinelese in the Andaman archipelagoIn 1977 I accompanied the legendary explorer Heinrich Harrer to the Andaman Islands (belonging to India and situated in the Indian Ocean) and later wrote the book „Die letzten Fünfhundert“ (The Last 500) under his name. The expedition had a special object: To get in contact … Continue reading »

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HOTELS A Story Of Glory … (No. 43)

The fight for the oldest hotel in the world – Japan won!The question popped up, when I bought this beautiful and very rare 70 years old luggage label of the Spences Hotel in Calcutta (India). It said: „The Oldest Hotel In Asia.“ Really? I doubt it very much. But what is Asia? Does Jerusalem belong to … Continue reading »

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INVITATIONS The Nice Advice … (No. 66)

Ravish Kapoor ist the guy with the most amazing creations!I confess: I have never seen anything like that! I didn’t even know that there are people, able and willing to produce invitations like that! Three dimensional ones, popping up, painted, stitched, filled with anything you want (besides the regular paper documents), even flowers. I just … Continue reading »

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HUMOUR Interesting People Along The Way … (No. 1)

Laxman, the most influential cartoonist in the worldI saw R. K. Laxman once in the Indian parliament, a dwarf-like man, wearing his famous checkered shirt, with the white tufts behind his ears, his scientist’s glasses and the smile around his nose. Naturally I knew him since anno domino for his cartoons on page 1 of … Continue reading »

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FASHION In Praise of … Bermuda Shorts (No. 30)

Who cut off the trousers first? No, not the Bermudians Shorts are the national costume of the gentlemen in the Bermudas. As gay coloured as possible, but the islands in the Atlantic adopted the cut-off-trousers officially in 1915 only. British soldiers in India and Burma had asked their superiors around 1850 to be allowed to … Continue reading »

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FUN If You Ever Come To … Agra (No. 10)

Get yourself decapitated and bring the proof with you!Of course you visit the Taj Mahal which is much more beautiful live than it ever was on pictures. But on the way from the centre of Agra to the entrance gate, you meet a photographer who begs you into his stall and produces, for an outrageously … Continue reading »

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HOTELS The Critic At Large … (No. 2)

My god, what happend to the wonderful „Imperial“ in Delhi!I stayed there for more than 20 years. My parents, when living in Delhi, went their regularly for dinner. I never paid more than 80 US dollars for the single (maximum!) and 150 dollars for the double. The „Imperial“ was a colonial island, a heaven in … Continue reading »

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EROTICISM Collectors Corner … (No. 14)

The forbidden shells of Madras (For Tourists only!)Mahabalipuram: Sex in India is still „Oh-no-no“! People multiply faster than rabbits, but a topless beauty on the beach in Mahabalipuram will cause an uproar with 240 demonstrators killed (the poor girl too) and 3800 wounded. You see outrageous scenes in the temples, hewn in stone, and some … Continue reading »

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