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TRAVEL Finally There Is a Usable Map …

I KNOW I’M IN COMMON WATER! There is no one out there who hasn’t cursed the traditional road maps. The usual ones, the ordinaries, the one which grow into a wad after more than one use. Unfold them, try to find what you are looking for – and by simply unfolding or re-folding it, it … Weiterlesen »

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BOOK Up The Danube From The Black Sea

THIS RIVER SAYS MORE ABOUT WORLD HISTORY THAN ANY OTHER STREAM – THE DANUBE! Say I and the British author Nick Thorpe probably too. It took him a whole year to cover the 2680 km or 1665 miles from the delta at the Romanian coast of the Black Sea through the 8 not always easy … Weiterlesen »

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NOBILITY A Conversation Piece … (No. 36)

How strong is nobility in reality? Well, in monarchies the Blueblooded play still an at least optically dominant role. In true democracies they are relicts of a glorious past. But how many people belong to the nobility in countries with an aristocratic past? The figures are astonishing: In Japan, a country with an emperor and … Weiterlesen »

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