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ANIMALS … And Now Poor Harmless Pangolin!

THERE IS AN UNPRETENTIOUS MARKET-VILLAGE IN MYANMAR, in the north, close to the Chinese border, called Mong-la. It became the international center of the PANGOLIN trade. June 2016: Customs investigators confiscated in Hong Kong stupefying 4 tons of Pangolin scales, which means: over a 1000 animals had to die for this smuggled load alone. I’m … Weiterlesen »

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LUGGAGE LABELS A New World Record!

It’s crazy: Luggage labels are getting extinct, the real ones, not the stickers; the beauties, not the uglies. But this week a label is offered for US$ 910! A price never heard of before – and never achieved. A seller in the States offered it „from the vast collection of my great grandparents“. A label … Weiterlesen »

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TRAVEL The Book To Look … (No. 30)

From time to time I reach for „Complete Books of Marvels“, a volume of 640 pages, read it again and again and still discover secrets, Richard Halliburton tells me. But don’t we know everything about Taj Mahal, Cheops Pyramide, Lhasa, Isfahan, Mekka and Angkor? No. Halliburton, an American adventurer and travel writer, had not only … Weiterlesen »

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