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Tagged With: Harrer

I Met A Warrior From North Sentinel …

WHAT UTTER NONSENSE IS WRITTEN NOW ABOUT THIS LAST UNKNOWN TRIBE ON EARTH! Just because this American idiot, the missionary John Allen Chau, was speared to death on North Sentinel. My sympathies are with the warrior who did this – defending his world against an unwelcome intruder. What did this Mr. Chau want of these … Weiterlesen »

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TOILETS Let’s Get Personal … (No. 17)

Mainly ladies, I guess, will applaud the celebrated hollywood star. In or for an intimate moment. What happened? Gwyneth Paltrow was recently nailed to the cross as a bitch because she insists, whereever she visits a toilet (in restaurants, gyms, privat houses),on a „unused“ toilet paper roll. Which doesn’t mean what you think. Worse! She … Weiterlesen »

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ISLANDS Oh, What A Shame … (No. 16)

In 1977 I accompanied the legendary explorer Heinrich Harrer to the Andaman Islands (belonging to India and situated in the Indian Ocean) and later wrote the book „Die letzten Fünfhundert“ (The Last 500) under his name. The expedition had a special object: To get in contact with the inhabitants of South Sentinel, an island no … Weiterlesen »

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BIRDS Lost & Found … (No. 43)

The last expedition, the legendary Heinrich Harrer planned, was into the interior of Madagascar. This huge island, twice the size of Texas or Great Britain, densely forested, hardly explored and with a murderous climate, is full of secrets and one was shown to us in Brussels by a antique dealer who wanted a fortune for … Weiterlesen »

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TOOLS The Nice Advice … (No. 2)

It looks like the tail end of a bomb or some other dangerous machinery. Or is it a toy? No, it’s the lighter from the Spanish island of Ibiza. Just a fuse, a firestone (don’t run out of them) and a primitive wheel to produce sparks. The fuse catches them, begins to glow, you blow … Weiterlesen »

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