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TRAVEL What a hotspot Angola would be!

But it doesn’t appear on the touristic worldmap. Why not? I ASSURE YOU: ANGOLA HAS EVERYTHING – landscape beauties, beaches, wildlife, the vegetation, the weather, even some infrastructure, mineral wealth, nice people, a European language (Portuguese) – and she is a enormously rich country. And Angola is bigger than South Afrika, Tanzania and Namibia. But the … Continue reading »

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GEOGRAPHY If You Ever Come To … Peru (No. 30)

… look for the Colca Canyon, the deepest gorge on earth!Oh, the nations are so jealous! The highest mountain? Can’t be discussed, it’s the Everest! Driest desert? Fight! Most active vulcano? Fight! Longest river? Fight! Widest delta? Fight? Coldest town? Fight! Deepest gorge? Fiercest fight – countries would go to war if they weren’t so far … Continue reading »

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GEOGRAPHY Lost & Found … (No. 38)

The deepest canyon? You think – no, you are wrong …Naturally, you say, it is the Grand Canyon in the United States: 1 mile or 1,6 km deep. No, say the Peruvians, our Colca Gorge is 3,2 km or 2 miles deep, measured from the highest summit to the deepest bottom. Uuhh, disagree some geologists: … Continue reading »

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