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ZOOS How Many Animals are Killed Each Year?

WHO’S RIGHT, WHO’S WRONG? I don’t know, I can’t come to a conclusion. Sometimes I think they have to do it, sometimes I think they shouldn’t. To kill old, aggressive and redundant animals in captivity, seems to be necessary – and there is an public uproar only, if 1 The animal has a name, 2 … Weiterlesen »

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WILDLIFE A Story Of Glory …

Don’t believe the advertisements! Of course there is good wildlife in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and … – well, not many more countries. But by far and large the best country is Botswana. The reason? Densely populated, fewer tourists, stiff fees in the Sanctuaries, large distances, permits are harder to get, the Okavango Delta is a … Weiterlesen »

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