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GOLF What A Strange Foursome!

Martin Kaymer wants to play with Merkel, Smith and La Longoria … HE WAS THE WORLD’S NUMBER 1 PLAYER ONCE, in the moment he ranks in the 40s – but he can still win any tournament: the German Martin Kaymer. Asked by the German magazine „Zeit Golfen“ what his personal dream-foursome would be, he gave … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS Would You Buy Elephant Tusks?

Antique ones are offered all over the world … – not even expensive! I CAN’T MAKE UP MY MIND! Because there are thousands of 100 and more years old elephant tusks in European households, stemming from colonial times. In Britain, Germany, France, Portugal, even Spain and Italy. Beautiful pairs, some 120 cm long and weighing almost … Continue reading »

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CRIME Better Avoid El Salvador!

It’s capital San Salvador has the highest murder rate in the world EL SALVADOR IS A TINY COUNTRY, HER SIZE EQUALS ISRAEL OR THE GERMAN STATE HESSIA, AND IT’S SMALLER THAN DJIBOUTI OR NEW JERSEY! But the capital, SAN SALVADOR, holds a unique world record: Nowhere are so many people murdered – and the murderers … Continue reading »

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POLITICS Let’s Hate The „Caucasus Emirate“

That’s a very ghastly menace, looming very near us … THERE IS SOMETHING SO MEAN AROUND THE CORNER – and the world isn’t aware of it! The CAUCASIAN EMIRATE!!!! A ghost state, existing only in the heads and on the maps of the most brutal terrorists of our time. With flag and constitution, recognized (so … Continue reading »

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COLLECTING Stamps With A Funny Angle …

When frauds & phonies were discovered too late – interesting! OH, I LOVE IT! When governments (mostly) were so proud of certain countrymen that they honored them or their deeds with official stamps – and had to pull them back after a while (or destroy what was left of the stock) when it was discovered, … Continue reading »

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BOOK Up The Danube From The Black Sea

Nick Thorpe’s voyage against the flow from Romania to Germany THIS RIVER SAYS MORE ABOUT WORLD HISTORY THAN ANY OTHER STREAM – THE DANUBE! Say I and the British author Nick Thorpe probably too. It took him a whole year to cover the 2680 km or 1665 miles from the delta at the Romanian coast … Continue reading »

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CARS Lost & Found (No. 70)

They built gorgeous automobils a century ago …I have never seen one of those cars on the road, and I doubt very much, that there are more than half a dozen like these in Oldtimer collections or museums. The advertisements of the Brennabor and the Stoewer, both produced in Germany,  I discovered in a German … Continue reading »

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NAZI Collectors Corner (No. 25)

Put it under your bum, that’s where it belongs …Once upon a time, when the worst criminal in German history ruled from the Baltic Sea to Berchtesgaden, a weird souvenir industry was booming around the Führer. 99 % of the memorabilia are forgotten (and destroyed) but sometimes, in an unsuspecting household, you come across some … Continue reading »

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MYSTERY A Conversation Piece … (No. 31)

Travel the back of a dragon, feel the mystery of the crystal palace!When you travel from Munich (Germany) northeastward to Prague (Czech Republic), you cross the Bayerische Wald (Bavarian Forest). It’s a strangly mystic region, with traces of Germanic jungle, almost unpenetrable, and in the centre you will encounter a strange rock formation, called Der … Continue reading »

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MEDIA A Conversation Piece … (No. 40)

The question of what was the earliest daily newspaperIt’s not easy to find out because it’s a story like with the telephone or the airplane: Suddenly dozens of nation present a gentlemen who was the first to speak over the wire or fly with a machine. The first trace of a publication you could call … Continue reading »

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