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ISLANDS How The Hell Sounds „Jerriais“?

I HAD NO IDEA, THIS IDIOM EVEN EXISTED. But when I landed in Jersey’s capital St. Helier and looked for a trough, I overheard two elderly chaps at the counter – and thought they spoke Esperanto or a conversation tool they had invented in their childhood. I asked them and reluctantly they told me, that … Weiterlesen »

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HOTEL Lost & Found … (No. 71)

The adventure begins with a superlative: The hotel „Maltahöhe“ in Namibia is the oldest outside of the capital Windhoek! It opened 1907 and never closed. And the interior, for good and for bad, also remained more or less unchanged. With farm implements, decorating the walls, old postcards, long forgotten flags, antique stickers („This is not the end … Weiterlesen »

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LITERATURE The Book To Look (No. 31)

I tell you: When I finished the last page of this book (p. 887), I knew that I had indeed read the greatest Russian novel of the 20th century (that’s what „Le Monde“ called it). It’s breathtaking, entertaining, horrible, wonderful. Chapter 50 is the key to all major problems of the first half of the … Weiterlesen »

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HOTELS The Nice Advice … (No. 61)

You want a spot with eternal good weather, even in winter? And a hotel to feel at home at a reasonable price? In a landscape or town who come close to the word „paradise“? I tell you: Pizzo in Calabria (Italy) is your destination. One yet undiscovered jewel, never colder than 15 C or 59 … Weiterlesen »

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CHARITY Interesting People … (No. 16)

She came as tourist, saw the misery of single mothers, their children and so many orphans – and stayed. That was 2006, she build a school with her own hands, started with 16 children and today she has 324 in 9 classes with 9 teachers in the village of Mtwapa, 30 km north of Mombasa. … Weiterlesen »

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ART Interesting People … (No. 33)

You know what an egg is: the product of birds and reptiles. True. But what the German Jan Nienborg makes out of them is sensational and never seen before. Just look at the three examples. This genius uses delicate drills, miniature chisels, adds surprising material like zips, chips at the layers to produce different colours … Weiterlesen »

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