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POLITICS Let’s Hate The „Caucasus Emirate“

THERE IS SOMETHING SO MEAN AROUND THE CORNER – and the world isn’t aware of it! The CAUCASIAN EMIRATE!!!! A ghost state, existing only in the heads and on the maps of the most brutal terrorists of our time. With flag and constitution, recognized (so they claim) by Saudi-Arabia and the Iran already, occupying – … Weiterlesen »

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SOUVENIRS If You Ever Come to … Georgia (61)

Because everybody collects them! Driving around in the US State, you will see dozens of Rattlesnakes, run over by cars. But in 99 % of all the cases somebody was faster than you and cut the rattler from snake already. But if you are lucky, cut off a large piece of the skin too because … Weiterlesen »

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MONSTERS Lost & Found … (No. 44)

The Russian dictator boarded an airplane almost never. Not secure enough – and how could something fly which was heavier than air? Stalin travelled by train, had his own green saloon car, a legend in his time, and after his death in 1953 and the end of the Soviet Union this luxury transport tool disappeared … Weiterlesen »

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