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Travel To East-Germany – Without Visa!

It’s very small nowadays, but very nostalgic – and worth a visit … THE AUTHENTIC REMAINS OF THE ONCE PROUD COMMUNIST PART OF GERMANY are … – a bar-saloon-restaurant, called „Koni’s Center“ in the town of Neubrandenburg. It’s a private museum for the nostalgic hungry and thirsty curiosity-seekers, run by a guy with a strange humour … Continue reading »

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ART Oh, What A Shame … (No. 20)

Discover a treasure, hidden in the Bauhaus in Dessau for years! The artist was a poor person, both in fate and personality: Communist, member of the legendary Bauhaus in Dessau, Nazi prisoner, victim in a Concentration Camp, close collaborator with its SS commandant, soldier in the infamous penal company 999, prisoner of war in Yugoslavia, … Continue reading »

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CARS A Story Of Glory … (No. 24)

The forgotten story of Bert Brecht and his luxury limousine He was the poet of the poor, the socialist – but great – playwrite („The Threepenny Opera“, „Mahagonny“), the „National Author“ of the GDR – and the „saloon communist“ No. 1. I was reminded of that when I joined the Mille Miglia oldtimer race in … Continue reading »

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MONSTERS Interesting People … (No. 32)

… and here it is Horst Böttger, whom they call „The Devil‘s Doctor“Dip into German history. GDR versus BRD, communist East against democratic West. Travel to Hohenschönhausen near Berlin and try to get close to the Stasi prison, including torture cellars and hospital of the Secret Service. On GDR maps the streets around the prisons … Continue reading »

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