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HOTELS Managements Get Bolder And Bolder …

A WARNING OUT OF THE TREASURE OF MY OWN EXPERIENCE! I booked into the  *** hotel „TURM“ in FRANKFURT. Looks nice, is almost in the city, its gastronomy wins trophy after trophy and rooms are reasonably priced: fro 50 to 150 Euro (or US$ 60 to 170). BUT: You can’t check into your room before 15 … Weiterlesen »

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PLACES The News To Use … (No. 25)

It’s a shame, Zambia didn‘t make it. This beautiful and seriously governed country tried to fill the void Zimbabwe’s regime of Robert Mugabe created with it’s ridiculous policy. But they couldn’t. Why? They lack the infrastructure Zimbabwe has. Their marketing was nut good enough. They didn’t have the trained people for more tourists. And the … Weiterlesen »

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NAZIS Lost & Found … (No. 4)

Look closely at this label of the „Kölner Hof“ in Frankfurt! It says at the bottom: „Jew-free for 40 years“. Now think a bit: It was printed around 1938, when the Nazis ruled Germany, naturally. This means: The hotel, which doesn’t exist anymore, must have been „Judenfrei“ before 1900 – or pretended to be! The … Weiterlesen »

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