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POLITICS Visit Cuba – In The USA!

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE NOWADAYS! We all know that the USA has since 1903 this piece of land on the island of Cuba, called Guantanamo. And why did not even Fidel Castro try to kick them out? I tell you why: Because Cuba owns a nice piece of land in the United States and doesn’t want … Weiterlesen »

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ANTICS The Shop Is Top … (No. 1)

You want 10 stuffed giraffes? A complete Post Office from the 20s and the Midwest? You like a Gasoline Station more? 5800 portholes? 85 figureheads? Or just 20 Louis Vuitton trunks? 13 globes? I could go on for ever with the antiques I saw in the „Stone Age“ in Miami. A warehouse with jungle paths, … Weiterlesen »

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ORIGINALS Interesting People … (No. 28)

First I staggered over his book: „Illumination of the Flatwoods“. Then I met him: Joe Hutto, the world’s leading expert on turkeys. All hunters know: No prey is harder to outsmart than the Wild Turkey. But imagine, a hunter is able to speak their language! Talks to the birds. Tells them: „Come closer, my dear, … Weiterlesen »

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If You Ever Come To … Ft. Lauderdale (13)

You come from Miami, reach Fort Lauderdale, turn right to the Atlantic and right again after 100 yards and there you are: „Joe’s Diner“, a silvery cigar with windows, laced with neon lights and red imitation leather. One of the last in the USA in this original Fifties style, immortalized by nostalgia and the joy … Weiterlesen »

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HOTELS The Nice Advice … (No. 11)

From outside it looks like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, once one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Inside it’s a luxury jungle. No reception, to speak of, but a patio with cascading plants over five stories, your eye will never catch a glimpse without a flower. That’s the „Mayfair House“ in the Cypress … Weiterlesen »

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LANGUAGE Lost & Found … (No. 1)

I was cruising in search of forgotten Art Deco buildings, when I saw something in the window of a chic boutique. It seemed not to belong there, like a pimple in Claudia Schiffer’s face. It was an information, not a decoration. So I stopped, turned, read, parked and got nearer. And I saw what you … Weiterlesen »

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