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HOTELS The Nice Advice …

In Namibia’s „Canyon Lodge“ ask for hut # 11Where the country (almost) ends, there lies a paradise. Around 1900 it was the farmhouse of the German brothers, now it is the „Canyon Lodge“ not far from one of the wonders of the world, Namibia’s Fish River Canyon, Africa’s answer to the Grand Canyon. Nearby and … Continue reading »

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GEOGRAPHY If You Ever Come To … Peru (No. 30)

… look for the Colca Canyon, the deepest gorge on earth!Oh, the nations are so jealous! The highest mountain? Can’t be discussed, it’s the Everest! Driest desert? Fight! Most active vulcano? Fight! Longest river? Fight! Widest delta? Fight? Coldest town? Fight! Deepest gorge? Fiercest fight – countries would go to war if they weren’t so far … Continue reading »

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