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GASTRONOMY The Oldest Osteria On Earth!

If you ever come close to this beautiful Italian town, save an evening and ca. 30 Euro (=  US$ 40) for the Osteria „Al Brindisi“. I went there some 50 years ago and came back recently – into a restaurant which hadn’t changed a bit, and hadn’t probably for a couple of 100 years! Imagine … Weiterlesen »

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FILM Interesting People … (No. 46)

He was Austrian, a nobleman, born in 1900 and over 2 m or 6 1/2 feet tall: Friedrich Anton Maria Hubertus Bonifacius Count Ledebur-Wicheln. Profession? Horseman, soldier, engineer. Not enough? Golddigger, butler, miner, deepsea-diver, rodeo-rider, hunter, swim-teacher. Again not enough? Actor! Remember the guy in the photo? Queequeg, the Polynesian on board the „Moby Dick“. You … Weiterlesen »

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