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What An Amazing Membership Card …

… and the photo is not a fake, it’s real, including the walrus !!! STUDIO AND EXPEDITION ARTIST DANIELLE EUBANK made it in 2014, sailing on the barquentine tall ship, „The Antigua“ (seen in the background of the card), to Svalbard in the Arctic. When asked about the image, Danielle wrote: „I captured this photograph … Continue reading »

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ADVENTURE They Swim Across The Pacific …

5500 miles, 8 hours/day, 180 days – from Tokyo to San Francisco! CAN YOU IMAGINE? NO, NOBODY CAN – a group of He-Men, not one a professional or Olympic swimmer, accompanied by a vessel, crossing the mightiest ocean, in the water, by muscle power alone! The boss of the team, Ben Lecomte, is (unbelievable!) a … Continue reading »

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WILDLIFE The Most Deadly National Park!

Why so many people are killed by animals in an protected area … IN NORTHEASTERN INDIA, IN ASSAM! It’s called KAZIRANGA and naturally you can’t find any information about the deadly dangers lurking in this tiger, elephant and buffalo N. P. Informations would scare tourists away and the authorities depend on as many visitors as … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS Hunting The Seadragon …

Let’s follow Dr. Greg Rouse to the shores of Southern Australia! FIRST, THERE WAS AN UNEXPECTED DISCOVERY along the southern coast of Australia: A new form of a species, not seen for 150 years!!! A „Ruby Seadragon“ or Phyllopteryx deweysea, a Syngnathidae, belonging to the Seahorse family. A blood-red monster-like animal, which obviously sprang from … Continue reading »

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EXPLORATION Antarctica – A Billionaire’s Hobby

Meet Frederik D. A. Paulsen, a giant in many fields ANVENTURING BILLIONAIRES ARE RARE, real ones. There are a few, mainly flying high and ballooning (like Richard Branson). Most of them finance expedition, insist on being called „participants“ and later pinning the success (if there is one) on their lapel. Not so Frederik D. A. … Continue reading »

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EXPLORERS Look Who’s Doing What Where …

21 interesting projects – and people – around the globe! HUNDREDS OF ENERGETIC WOMEN AND MEN are working in the field – and under the sea. From the North Pole to the Australian deserts. For example: In this moment (late summer of 2015) these 21 researchers risk their life, their health and a lot of … Continue reading »

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OH, WHAT A SHAME! The Horror at Mt. Everest

Read what Reinhold Messner had to say about the situation … WHEN TWO GREATS MEET – Mt. Everest, the highest mountain with 8848 m, and the Italian Reinhold Messner, the first to summit all 14 Himalaya peaks with more than 8000 m. Jim Clash of the „Explorers Club Magazine“ met the living legend and asked … Continue reading »

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INTERNET The News To Use … (No. 22)

Fear of snakes? There is a fine website which could safe your lifeI first read about it in the publication of and for the Toughs – the „Explorers Club Magazine“. They need this information urgently (that’s why one of the members installed it). But I think some of you are adventureous enough to store the … Continue reading »

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