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ZOOS How Many Animals are Killed Each Year?

Thousands and far too many, but it’s probably unavoidable … WHO’S RIGHT, WHO’S WRONG? I don’t know, I can’t come to a conclusion. Sometimes I think they have to do it, sometimes I think they shouldn’t. To kill old, aggressive and redundant animals in captivity, seems to be necessary – and there is an public … Continue reading »

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ART A Fabulous Look At The Refugee Problem

I think the Swiss sculptor Ruth Reiser created a masterpiece …WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Europe’s problem No 1. expressed in a unique work of art! Created by a Swiss star in certain connoisseur’s circles: Ruth Reiser from Zurich. A boat overloaded with anonymous black  refugees with empty white eyes. In the center a kind of … Continue reading »

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ROADS A Conversation Piece (No. 35)

When in Cyprus, drive a car without steering the wheel …How can one do that? Easily. In the States it happens quite often that a road is so straight for hundreds of miles, that you could fix the steering wheel with a rope. It happens in Namibia and Australia too, but hardly anywhere in Europe. … Continue reading »

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