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ANIMALS Moments You Never Forget … (No. 46)

If you see this flying horror, close the windows, get out the gun!I didn’t believe it until I saw it. And before I saw it for the first time, I read about it – in the entertaining book „Delagoa Bay“, written in 1891 by the English lady Rose Monteiro. That’s what she wrote, living near … Continue reading »

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SHIPS If You Ever Come To … (No. 76)

… Portsmouth, visit King Henry the Eighth’s long lost flagship!The English are the best seafaring nation indeed. Their relationship with ships is almost a sentimental one. Nowhere, not even in the USA, are more historical vessels salvaged, restaured and put on display. But the „Mary Rose“ broke all records, to show her to the public … Continue reading »

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TRAVEL The News To Use … (No. 24)

You want to fly without baggage? The solution!It’s an idea, all who left home and moved around the globe, have had for millennia: No baggage and both hands free! Or the modern version: Beat the airlines who limit the handbags on board! Now the Englishman John Power (real name, no pseudonymum) comes into the picture. … Continue reading »

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