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BIKING The News To Use (No. 14)

Why not pedal from Paris to London? There’s a nice new routeIt was introduced shortly before the Olympic Games 2012 in London. A perfect occasion! 408 km (or 253 mi) from Paris to London on your bike and on a clever and pretty safe route: More than 200 km (or 130 mi) on special bike … Continue reading »

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CAYMANS I Got A Strange Message from … (37)

Each morning at 9 a.m. something happens at the Museum!Some colonial habits never die! And some are not bad at all. Like when my friend Andreas Bender, the last real Master of the Art of Travel, went to have breakfast in the capital George Town, passed the National Museum at 9 a.m. and couldn’t believe … Continue reading »

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SHIPS A Story Of Glory … (No. 38)

From the „Titanic“ to the „Sundowner“ – a hero’s tale „Sundowner“ is a motor yacht, formerly owned by Charles Lightoller, 2nd Officer of  the „Titanic“ – and a survivor of the iceberg desaster in 1912! On 31 May 1940, she was requisitioned by the Admiralty to sail to Dunkirk to assist in the evacuation of British … Continue reading »

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ISLANDS The Book To Look … (No. 2)

Travel Tasmania with this marvelleous biography in handIt’s the biography of an innocent murderer from England, who was deported to the penal colony in Tasmania: „For the Term of His Natural Life“. The Australian Marcus Clarke wrote it brilliantly in 1870, it is a work of deepest emotions and highest tension, one of the best … Continue reading »

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COSMETICS Lost & Found … (No. 34)

The soap in the first class cabins of the „Titanic“ is still sold „Only the Best“ was the motto on the most luxurious passengership ever build, the „Titanic“. At least in the First Class and the public rooms. Few of the items (and manufacturers) have survived the desaster of 1912 but one toilet article, a … Continue reading »

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HOUSES If You Ever Come to … London (No. 27)

… visit the house of the two big musical H’s – Händel & Hendrix!Isn’t it funny? The one, one of the greatest classical composers, lived there from 1723 until his death in 1759. The other one, a equally famous star of the Rock & Pop music, lived there a few months in 1968. Georg Friedrich … Continue reading »

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GENTLEMEN This Shop Is Top … (No. 10)

Huntsman, the tailor of tailors for the gentlemanBasically it is just a window. Typical British understatement. Well, H. Huntsman & Son is in the Savile Row, London’s and the world’s centre of gentlemanly tailoring. That says something but not all: Huntsman was founded when Queen Victoria was reigning, in 1849, and it was never in … Continue reading »

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LITERATURE This Shop Is Top … (No. 5)

Meet Reg & Philip Remington, the highpriests of travel booksThey live where nobody goes – in Truro, a town where Cornwall (England) soon ends. But they are in the internet ( and the produce a quarterly catalogue and it is a fairytale book of travel literature, First Editions mainly. Reg & Philip Remington deal in … Continue reading »

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