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HOTELS A Wonderful, Lousy Palace …

„The Grand“ in Scarborough is ruined from within – what a shame! THIS HOTEL IS ALMOST UNIQUE IN IT’S SPLENDOUR, this „Britannia Grand“ in Scarborough (East England). It could be one of the greatest hotels on earth – but just read the comments of the 99 % highly disappointed guests! Well, the British never were great … Continue reading »

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ART A Conversation Piece

This Banksy is a genius – just look at this telephone booth …It’s breathtaking! Because the idea behind this work of art hits you over the head – in the actual time of Edgar Snowdon, the NSA and all the tapped & taped communications. The artist Banksy (whose identity is a wellkept secret, but I … Continue reading »

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DELICACIES Can Ice Cream Be A Lamp?

Yes, because there is one which glows in the dark …The name is unpretentious: „Cornetto“. But it’s not the usual one. This cornetto is produced by the „Culinary Art Company Bompas & Parr“ in Bristol (England). Well, it looks like ice cream, you lick it like ice cream, it tasts like ice cream, but switch … Continue reading »

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BARS Oh, What A Shame … (No. 20)

Did you know that 50 % of all the British Pubs should be closed?The Pub is the living room if the English, if they are not at home. That’s especially true for the countryside where the pub is the ganglion of most villages (just watch „Inspector Barnaby“!) There are about 8000 of these bars plus … Continue reading »

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Toilets A Story Of Glory (No. 54)

May I introduce the most exclusive loo on earth? A Royal secret!Yes, it exists! Ridiculously enough! In the British prime minister‘s official seat, 10 Downing Street in London. Nobody has seen a picture of it and if the prime ministers and their wives visited this loo secretly, is not known (I would have done it … Continue reading »

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TOILETS Moments You Will Never Forget (No. 38)

Gentlemen, just go to the loo in „The Bell“ in Ticehurst!A lot of dirty jokes come to my mind, looking at this picture! Three trom- bones used as urinals. They even say there is a mecha- nism which produ- ces pitches and tones, according to the height and the pressure of the tinkle. I doubt … Continue reading »

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NOBILITY A Conversation Piece … (No. 36)

Which country has the most counts, dukes, barons and so on?How strong is nobility in reality? Well, in monarchies the Blueblooded play still an at least optically dominant role. In true democracies they are relicts of a glorious past. But how many people belong to the nobility in countries with an aristocratic past? The figures … Continue reading »

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ISLANDS Interesting People … (No. 60)

Brecqhou is open now! If you find it somewhere on the globeThey are identical twin brothers and very British, even excentric. Their names: Sir Frederick and Sir David Barclay. Born on October 27, 1934 into a poor family. And now owners of the posh Hotel Ritz in London, the influential newspaper Daily Telegraph, the mighty Bank of Scotland and … Continue reading »

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NOBILITY Interesting People … (No. 59)

Meet the Rutlands, married but separated owners of a fabulous castleLook at this fairytale castle in England‘s smallest county, Rutland, named after the noble family who dominated it for centuries. The Duke is still there, his wife too, and their home, called Belvoir (pronounced the French way), and their five children. Only the love is … Continue reading »

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ROUTES The News To Use … (No. 16)

Have you heard of the „Via Francigena“ in Italy? Great discoveryEverybody is talking about the „Saint Jacob Pilgrims Way“ to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, ca. 200 000 people follow it every year. Almost forgotten, at least not very popular, is a much older and much more exiting pilgrims route: the „Via Francigena“ (the „Road of … Continue reading »

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