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The Art Of Fumiko & Hiroshi

Bonsai and pottery on the highest level ,,, MY FRIEND HANS, whom an unexpected and unjustified stroke of fate (because he didn’t cause it by doing anything wrong) shackles to his bed forever, told me the following story from his second fatherland Japan (his wife Yoko is Japanese and he has written most valuable books … Continue reading »

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HOTELS Look At The Stupid Emperor …!

Wilhelm II, Germany’s last Kaiser, is celebrated in a *****Hotel   I KNOW, I KNOW, if you inherit a first class hotel and find such a wall deco- ration in the lobby-lounge, you hesitate to destroy it. This one, made of blue tiles (looking like Delft porcelain), might be there an the wall of the … Continue reading »

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CURIOSITIES Rome – Hamburg – Bremen …

How two modern German cities stole from ancient Rome – and why WE WELL EDUCATED PEOPLE LEARNT IN SCHOOL, how proud the Romans were to be a republic (just think of Cicero!), until Caesar declared himself dictator (a deed which cost him his life) and his adopted son and nephew Octavianus became the first of … Continue reading »

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BUILDINGS If You Ever Come To … (No. 73)

… to New Orleans, have a bowl of Gumbo at „Napoleon House“It’s easy to find: 500 Chartres Street, at the corner of St. Louis Street. A fine building, errected 1815 to house the French Emperor Napoleon I, should he be able ton escape from his prison island St. Helena in the Atlantic. He didn’t and … Continue reading »

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SEYCHELLES A Conversation Piece … (No. 29)

A tiny spot in the ocean is left from the once mighty Persian EmpireOnce upon a time Persia had an emperor, called Shah, but he was toppled by islamic clergymen, called „Mullahs“, and the imperial family, called Pahlavi, fled from country to country and continent to continent, because nobody wanted them. The emperor died very … Continue reading »

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