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ANIMALS Save The Hippo From The Critics!

Well, the Internet does! The nitwits who stock it with billions of rubbish. Like this one: „The animal that kills the most people in Africa is the hippopotamus because it is very territorial and very physically powerful. Although they are mostly herbivorous they are also highly aggressive and they have been known to attack humans … Weiterlesen »

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WILDLIFE A Story Of Glory …

Don’t believe the advertisements! Of course there is good wildlife in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and … – well, not many more countries. But by far and large the best country is Botswana. The reason? Densely populated, fewer tourists, stiff fees in the Sanctuaries, large distances, permits are harder to get, the Okavango Delta is a … Weiterlesen »

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CARTOONS Lost & Found … (No. 69)

Doesn’t it look ridiculous? Poor animal! I found the cartoon in a German book from 1910 with the title „Fun in our Colonies“. The cartoon’s headline reads: „Reklame in Little-Popo“ – „Marketing in Little-Popo“ (the former capital of Togo). I think that the Germans had a good laugh then, but eight years later, 1918, all … Weiterlesen »

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