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MONEY 1 The Old Man’s Useless Banknotes …

How Robert Mugabe invented Zimbabwe’s „Monopoly Money“ … I TOLD YOU IN MY BLOG, REMEMBER: In some parts of Zimbabwe (in the capital Harare and the mining districts) the Chinese currency Yüan is the accepted money.  Because the Chinese are slowly taking over the devastated country of the senile dictator Robert Mugabe, 94, and the … Continue reading »

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MONEY Have Your Dollars Ready in Lebanon!

With Euro I didn’t get far – and lost value, trying to buy Lira! WELL, BEIRUT STRUG- GLES DESPERATELY, to become again the Monte Carlo of the Middle East. But the country, Lebanon, doesn’t even have a presi- dent for well over a year, since the politicians can’t agree about a candidate (who must be … Continue reading »

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MONEY Lost & Found … (No. 10)

Have you ever seen a 10 000 $ banknote? I have!I was so proud of my five 1000 $ notes I had collected over the years as a kind of totem: „Now I’ll never be poor!“ No one I talk to had ever seen banknotes with a similar value. And then I walked into Benny … Continue reading »

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