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MONEY Absolutely, definitely worthless …

… but very beautiful: The Somaliland Shilling! YES, YOU KNOW, THAT I GOT A KNACK FOR STRANGE BANKNOTES … – and the one I’m showing you here, is the strangest of all. Because it was issued by the government of a country, SOMALILAND, which doesn’t exist (officially). Is not recognized by any other state. But … Continue reading »

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CRIME Better Avoid El Salvador!

It’s capital San Salvador has the highest murder rate in the world EL SALVADOR IS A TINY COUNTRY, HER SIZE EQUALS ISRAEL OR THE GERMAN STATE HESSIA, AND IT’S SMALLER THAN DJIBOUTI OR NEW JERSEY! But the capital, SAN SALVADOR, holds a unique world record: Nowhere are so many people murdered – and the murderers … Continue reading »

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TRAVELS How Long Took It 100 Years Ago?

Much longer! No, sometimes the distance was shorter … THAT’S AN INTERESTING MAP, published in autumn of 2015 by the London newspaper „Daily Mail“. It looks a bit confusing at the first glance since the colors cover the world map a bit. But at the second glance it’s easy to compare your experiences with those, … Continue reading »

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