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ANIMALS (?) Moments you Never Forget (No. 44)

Luckily, my headline is wrong – there won’t be an unforgettable moment, because it is extremely unlikely that you will ever encounter this monster: Nemopilema nomurai! The giant jellyfisch in Japanese waters. A citizen of the ocean whose body might exceed two meters or 6,5 feet in length and width. It’s so heavy, they say … Weiterlesen »

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TRAVEL In Praise of … (No. 48)

It exists for centuries, but hardly one out of thousand persons have ever heard of it: the Ningaloo Reef near the west coast of Australia. A true alternative to the Great Barrier Reef along the east coast, 250 km (or 170 mi) long, unusually close to the landmass of Western Australia (often not more than … Weiterlesen »

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SHIPS Lost & Found … (No. 51)

Difficult question, because „Lloyd’s Shipping Register“ is an invention of mordern times. And ships, built of wood deep into the 19th century, only survive in saltwater under extremely favourable conditions. And what is a wreck? Some planks, rotting in the bottom sand? And how many boats sank before Columbus opened the oceans? The United Nations … Weiterlesen »

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