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What A Hilarious Website!

GO TO BANKNOTES.COM (yes, it’s an easy adress) AND LOOK FOR THE CROOKS! Go to the bottom of the first page, there you will find „Hall of Shame“, click it – and you will enter half an hour entertaining reading. The following individuals or companies are not just dishonest swappers, traders, collectors who do not … Weiterlesen »

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You Will Always Be Winning …

YOU KNOW THE GAME: „Pitch-and-toss“ or „Head or Tail“ – football/soc- cer games start with this throw of a coin, you are cheated out of your money in shady bars by artistic crooks and in Western movies professional gamblers are shot when they discover that their coins had two identical sides: heads and heads = … Weiterlesen »

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CRIMINALS Collectors Corner … (No. 28)

Almost unbelievable! You find dollar bills (like the one I show you here), which are signed by the 39th Treasurer of the USA, Catalina Vasquez Villalpando. She reigned the Greenbacks from 1989 to 1993 under the presidency of George W. Bush, had to step down and was indicted in 1994 for tax evasion! Can you … Weiterlesen »

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HUMOUR A Story Of Glory … (No. 9)

I like him, and always will. He was a crook and was send to prison (an American by the way, but could have been German, French or Italian), but his scheme was hilarious. One should have made a movie, based on his idea – so original, nobody before him had it. This Man travelled through … Weiterlesen »

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