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MUSEUMS The News To Use … (No. 26)

Some cities have nothing, some have everything! Venice is such a town. And now there opens another museum, the only one of its kind in Italy: the „Museum of Parfume“. They put into the same building as the already world-famous „Museum of Costumes and Film“, the Palazzo Mocenigo, and on show are the most beautiful … Weiterlesen »

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ISLANDS If You Ever Come To … (No. 40)

It’s an island known only to the neighbors. No wonder Sein was the last place in Europe to adopt christianity. Like the village of Asterix it stubbornly clang to heathendom and produced the most famous sorceresses in the whole of Gallia. Sein ist tiny, measuring 0,6 sqkm or 148 acres only, 214 people live there. … Weiterlesen »

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