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ANIMALS An Elephant With Four Tusks …?

Yes, I saw this miracle – in New York! THEY DON’T SHOW THIS TROPHY TO EVERYBODY at the headquarter of the Explorers Club in New York. Members (as I am one) are entitled to enter the so called „Trophy Room“, and you might remember that some posts ago I presented you with the pelt of … Continue reading »

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TRAVELS How Long Took It 100 Years Ago?

Much longer! No, sometimes the distance was shorter … THAT’S AN INTERESTING MAP, published in autumn of 2015 by the London newspaper „Daily Mail“. It looks a bit confusing at the first glance since the colors cover the world map a bit. But at the second glance it’s easy to compare your experiences with those, … Continue reading »

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WILDLIFE The Sad, Sad, Sad Elephant Count …

Meet Mike Chase who is desperate about what he found out Chase is an American conservation biologist and since February 2014 he counts. It’s an areal census of African elephants and he is flying over all the countries were they live – or are supposed to live. Or are gone. Disappeared, extinct. When he started, … Continue reading »

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RIVERS A Story Of Glory … (No. 45)

Why I love the Amazonas and will alway ship itI dare to say, that the world as we love it, wouldn’t exist without the mighty river. Yes, we all know the myriads of stories, existing from the tiny source in the Andes down to the enormous delta in which the island Marajo lies, as big … Continue reading »

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