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POLITICS No „Comrade“ Nonsense Anymore!

In Zimbabwe they begin to wake up to reality … YOU COULD GO TO PRISON, some years ago, if you forgot to call Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe „Comrade“ face to face. All his compañeros from the struggle for liberation in the 1970s were „Comrades“, or at least „Cmr“ in print. This communist or socialist address … Continue reading »

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LITERATURE The Book To Look (No. 31)

Read Vasily Grossman’s „Life and Fate“ as soon as possible …!I tell you: When I finished the last page of this book (p. 887), I knew that I had indeed read the greatest Russian novel of the 20th century (that’s what „Le Monde“ called it). It’s breathtaking, entertaining, horrible, wonderful. Chapter 50 is the key … Continue reading »

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CHINA Lost & Found … (No. 56)

Where have all the billions of „Mao Bibles“ gone?Remember the time when almost all Chinese swang this red book into the cameras, to demonstrate their belief in communism and the words of their leader Mao Tse-tung? If you couldn’t recite his wisdom endlessly, you could be punished. This blood-red volume, 4,1 x 3 inches or … Continue reading »

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