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CLIMATE Moments You Never Forget … (No. 28)

When I drove with Ibrahim from Sabha to Ghat in the Libyan desert, he warned me to go further south. „In Niger“, he said, „you won’t be able to survive. Only we can.“ I looked at him, a Tuareg, in disbelief: „Me? You must be joking!“ I survived, but it was hard. Because since we … Weiterlesen »

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TRAVEL The Book To Look … (No. 23)

… you’ll find in Colin Thubron’s „In Siberia“. A breathtaking book, only an Englishman could have written, I think. Here, a man travelled for thousands of miles through the unknown one fifth of the earth, often being the first westener – after the Gulag prisoners. And on page 270 I found the following episode: „Not … Weiterlesen »

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