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CHRISTMAS Are The Japanese Christians?

No, but clever businessmen – and great copyists … JUST LOOK AT THIS PHOTO, I just got from my friend Hans and his Japanese wife Yoko: Tokyo, exploding in christmas decorations. My god, the Shopping Mall close to the Ginza looking like the „Christkindlmarkt“ in Nuremberg! Everything is artificial, no tree had to die for … Continue reading »

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CHRISTMAS Santa Claus Seems To Be On Diet

A funny study found out that he gets slimmer than his raindeers … THE „MEN IN RED” ARE TOO FAT – and think so themselves! In advertising and on Christmas Cards, so a study discovered, he lost an least 15 kilos in the last 10 years, which means since 2005. Compared with the Santa Clauses … Continue reading »

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BIBLE The Critic At Large … (No. 3)

It’s a lie the legionnaire gave the cruzified Jesus vinegar to drinkI proudly introduce „Pocas”! It was a popular drink in ancient Rome, made by mixing a few drops of vinegar with water and flavouring herbs. It became an everyday drink for the Roman Legions and the lower classes from around the 2nd century BC, … Continue reading »

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CHRISTMAS Interesting People … (No. 10)

Julio Iglesias, the second politest man in the worldA person of his status and fame normally isn’t very polite. Julio Iglesias is a world celebrity. A millionaire in the three digit region. But he nurses politeness and if you happen to be a friend, you will be showered with the flowers of an excellent education. … Continue reading »

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