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TRAVEL Moments You Never Forget …

I confess, I didn’t make the journey myself, but I visited the boat. A beautiful vessel, equipped in luxurious splendor, and steaming a unique route – along the Cbobe river in Botswana, just a few kilometers away from the convergence point with Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe! This is a tour through raw African wilderness, you … Weiterlesen »

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RIVERS Lost & Found … (No. 70)

You must have seen the Savuti River still flowing in Botswana back in the early 1980s, just as I did, when it connected the Linyanti River with the interior of the Chobe Park, finally ending at the Savuti Marsh. Skeletons of the trees that grew in some earlier period und suffered from severe droughts lined … Weiterlesen »

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HOTELS The Nice Advice … (No. 67)

It happened in Botswana. I got Bungalow # 41 of the „Chobe Game Lodge“, one of two with a private pool, I soaked in the pee-warm water, staring over the border into Namibia – and had no idea. But the boy came, served my frosted white wine and said: „Sir, do you know that Elizabeth … Weiterlesen »

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PRISON If You Ever Come to … Kasane (No. 53)

Kasane lies in the northeast corner of Botswana. A small town, bustling with business going to Zimbabwe via Kazungula, coming from Namibia over the river and from Katimo Mulilo,or the other way round. Kasane is also the entrance to the Chobe National Park, has quite a large police station and even a prison made of … Weiterlesen »

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