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ISLANDS How The Hell Sounds „Jerriais“?

I HAD NO IDEA, THIS IDIOM EVEN EXISTED. But when I landed in Jersey’s capital St. Helier and looked for a trough, I overheard two elderly chaps at the counter – and thought they spoke Esperanto or a conversation tool they had invented in their childhood. I asked them and reluctantly they told me, that … Weiterlesen »

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ISLANDS Interesting People … (No. 60)

They are identical twin brothers and very British, even excentric. Their names: Sir Frederick and Sir David Barclay. Born on October 27, 1934 into a poor family. And now owners of the posh Hotel Ritz in London, the influential newspaper Daily Telegraph, the mighty Bank of Scotland and some other enterprises which make them the 26th richest people in … Weiterlesen »

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