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Neanderthals were different …

… tell the latest findings: very early paintings in Spain! DUMB, BRU- TISH CREA- TURES THEY WERE, SO EVERY- BODY BELIE- VED – but then arche- ologists discovered remarkable paintings in three Spanish caves: a red linear motif in La Pasiega (Cantabria), a hand stencil in Maltravieso (Estremadura) and red-painted speleothems (mineral layers) in Areales … Continue reading »

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ART If You Ever Come To Zimbabwe (No. 68)

Have a look how the artist developed in the caves!As I told you before: Rock carvings and cave paintings are the origin of art and much more: the earliest examples of public human expression! I’m sure you have seen splendid examples from all over the world, but what the early artists did in the cliffs … Continue reading »

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ART Moments You Never Forget … (No. 35)

You haven’t enjoyed Disney without the dancing elephant in Libya!I love rock carvings, the oldest art form. I travel from continent to continent to see them, to compare them, to store the images of these paintings and scratchings in my memory. Because they are the source of everything, artists did since … – well, 30 … Continue reading »

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