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The Traffic Lights Will Watch You …

… in London. But it’s a clever idea! YOU KNOW THE SITUATION AND HATE IT: You are stopped by a red traffic light without need – there are no pedestrians crossing! Or the other way round: You can’t cross a street because of the red light – but there are no cars! So far traffic … Continue reading »

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CARS A Conversation Piece … (No. 1)

Why does a snake eat a child in the Alfa Romeo logo? Old story!First of all, the designers have altered the logo so much, that you don’t recognise the poor child anymore – it looks like the tongue of the snake! But it is a child and the picture is adopted from the crest of … Continue reading »

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DRIVING The Nice Advice … (No. 47)

A remedy against Microsleep? Fred Grunfeld had the solutionWhan you google Fred, you will find that he wrote definitive books in various categories: his biography of Rodin, „Games of the World“, the travel guide „Wild Spain“ ect. But in my eyes he is immortalized for his battle against Microsleep (falling in Morpheus’s arms while driving … Continue reading »

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CARS I Got A Strange Message … (No. 15)

No, there are no covertibles in China. It’s too dangerous! It was a very wise man who told me the reason. We stood at a red light in Beijing when he asked me: „You know why there are no covertibles here?“ No, I don’t know, but looking around he was right – no open cars, … Continue reading »

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SPORT A Story of Glory … (No. 26)

„The Cheese Race“ – craziest rallye of all times It’s on every year in September: the „Allgäu-Orient-Rallye“, repectlessly calles „The Cheese Rallye“. Organized by German producers of everything which can be made from cow milk. Just listen to the conditions: Age of participants – 20 years. Participants 2011 – ca. 300. People in car – … Continue reading »

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