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Fear Of Death Is Not In His Religion …

A friend of mine discovered this monk between earth and heaven WHAT AN AMAZING SIGHT! A Buddhist monk in the temple district of Wat Puh Noi, close to the Sam Rot Not National Park in Thailand. A new building is erected around this statue of Buddha, and the monk couldn’t wait until completion and climbed … Continue reading »

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STARS Have You Got James Dean’s Autograph?

Then you have a fortune in your hand. Look into a crazy market … COLLECTING AUTOGRAPHS IS A TOUGH GAME – because I insist, that 50 % of all the signatures on the market are fakes or replicas or, word, written by somebody who knows how the stars signed his name. Especially if you get … Continue reading »

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BUDDHA Interesting People … (No. 5)

Meet an archeologist in Afghanistan who tries the impossibleIn March 2001 the stupid Taliban blew up the two 1000 years old Buddhas in the Bamiyan Valley. They were 180 and 121 feet high, carved out of solid rock and the largest standing Buddhas ever found. When the Muslim fanatics were overthrown, archeologists began to collect … Continue reading »

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