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ISLANDS Some People Are Really Crazy …

Thousands flock to Paqueta to bury their birds! FOR THE BRAZILIANS IT IS LIKE A WARM SHOWER: Mourners from all over South America flying to the island of Paqueta in the Guanabara Bay of Rio de Janeiro with their dead and frozen birds! Because there on the island lies (allegedly) the only cemetery for birds … Continue reading »

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CARS Oh, What A Shame … (No. 21)

The „Bulli“ is dead! This legendary minibus from VWAround the globe they loved it and it became an object not only of transport but even more of philosophy, protest and statement: This bus for 12 people (or 20, or 200 …, people went crazy sometimes), called „Bully“ or „Bulli“. It was the cult car of … Continue reading »

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SOCCER A Conversation Piece (No. 50)

Ever seen „The 23rd Men“ on the field being a nice green tree?They must be crazy in this Barrio of Sao Paulo – or fanatic naturalists! Even more fanatic than being futbolistas. That’s hardly possible in Brazil – but in Sao Paulo it happens: There is quite a big green tree growing in one half of … Continue reading »

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NATURE Oh, What A Shame … (No. 9)

It’s a crime to fell trees in the Amazonas forest, yes. I call it a sin!You know why? Because in the rainforest which grows in the western Amazonas region in Brazil, on 100 square meters (to make it easier, let’s say: 100 square yards) you find about 20 000 trees, belonging to 2000 species. It’s … Continue reading »

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RIVERS A Story Of Glory … (No. 45)

Why I love the Amazonas and will alway ship itI dare to say, that the world as we love it, wouldn’t exist without the mighty river. Yes, we all know the myriads of stories, existing from the tiny source in the Andes down to the enormous delta in which the island Marajo lies, as big … Continue reading »

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BRAZIL Lost & Found … (No. 41)

Before you disappear into the jungle, look at the governor’s floorI suggest you read this, a novelist, whose name is long forgotten, wrote it 80 years ago: „This parquet floor is made of the rarest and noblest lumbers of the rain forests of the State of Para. Here you find sandalwood, rosewood, satinwood, ivorywood and … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS I Got A Strange Message … (26)

Lisa in Manaus doesn’t use a kitchen rasp but the tongue of the Picarucu!     … and the best of this fish is the tongue! Ricardo is a co-founder of the Brazilian „Greens“ and his wife Lisa is even more green. They live in Manaus now and Lisa tries to avoid in her kitchen … Continue reading »

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BUILDINGS A Story Of Glory … (No. 11)

I want to tell you about the „Copan“ in Sao PauloAt first I didn’t belief that a house can have a postal code. The „Copan“ in Sao Paulo (Brazil) has one: CEP 01046-925. Amazing! It’s a 140 m (or 420 feet) high, 38 story residential building. Construction was completed in 1966 and it has the … Continue reading »

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RESTAURANTS The News To Use … (No. 2)

Enjoy the legacy of the wonderful Antonio Jobim in IpanemaI got an email the other day from my admired friend Andreas Bender, the last „Master of the Art of Travel“. I want to share his message with you and strongly advice all, to use the information, the next time you are in Rio de Janeiro: … Continue reading »

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RIVERS The Nice Advice … (No. 49)

See this ship? That’s the way to explore the AmazonMy friend Carlos (Probst) had the idea: Take an old Amazon steamer, one of those „Fitzcarraldo Boats“, restore it to rubber boom splendour, add modern luxury and cruise the river system of the Rio Negro and the Salimoes, which end up to be the Amazon. Carlos … Continue reading »

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