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TRAVELLING The Danger Of Using A Taxi

IF YOU ARE, BY CHANCE, IN BAALBEK, and you should be there urgently (nowadays for two reasons: It’s still so beautiful and unfortunately so close to the Syrian border!), you should try to get to Bscharri, birthplace and resting place of our common hero Khalil Gibran, author of such wonderful works like „The Prophet“ and … Weiterlesen »

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ARCHTECTURE Mudejar Is Weird …

ISN’T IT STRANGE? When „Orientalism“ became the fashion of the European „Salons“, in the second half of the 19th century, rich people copied (or imported) what gave them a feeling of Harun & Harem, of Oasis & Odalisks, of Beduins & Baclava. Even empe- rors & kings went on expeditions to Baalbek, Ninive and Louxor, … Weiterlesen »

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