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ANIMALS Good-by, Beautiful Monkey!

NO CHANCE! The gen pool is too weak with not even 30 animals, this glorious monkey, one of the most beautiful, can’t survive. The Chinese try to save this rare rainforest dweller on their island of Hainan, but on the other hand Hainan is rapidly and recklessly developed into the Chinese riviera, an ideal hotspot … Weiterlesen »

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FASHION In Praise of the … Lederhose (No. 42)

It was to be expected, that the Bavarian Style would not be limited to the natives, the visitors of Munich‘s Oktoberfest and some brave Fashionistas around the world. No, it was the famous Hofbräuhaus (who else but not alone) who came up with the idea to produce bathing trunks as replicas of the short Lederhose. … Weiterlesen »

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TOWNS I Got A Strange Message … (No. 9)

Geoffrey was born with the „Gene of Unrest“. For 40 years now, as long, as I know him, he explores the British Isles just for the fun of it and some time ago he sent me a postcard from Bexhill-on Sea with the question: „Ever heard of this great beach town in southeast England?“ No, … Weiterlesen »

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