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HOTELS The Nice Advice …

In Namibia’s „Canyon Lodge“ ask for hut # 11Where the country (almost) ends, there lies a paradise. Around 1900 it was the farmhouse of the German brothers, now it is the „Canyon Lodge“ not far from one of the wonders of the world, Namibia’s Fish River Canyon, Africa’s answer to the Grand Canyon. Nearby and … Continue reading »

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LIFE Let’s Get Personal … (No. 10)

Me in „Trivial Pursuit“? Well, the game is almost forgottenOnce it was the hype of the family & friends evenings. One playerd „Trivila Pursuit“ and checked out the intelligence and common knowledge of the players in sections like Sport, Culture, Politics and Animal World. Most questions answered? Winner! But what is „common knowledge”? Good question, … Continue reading »

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BIOGRAPHY Let’s Get Personal … (No. 12)

I was a movie star once, but nobody remembers me!It was 1957, I was 17 years old, a tall boy with golden hair and the looks of a German warrior. That’s what I tell myself. True is that a film director was looking for extras, came to the Gymnasium in Tegernsee (Bavaria) and picked me. … Continue reading »

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CLUBS Let‘s Get Personal … (No. 14)

I celebrate 30 years of membership in the Explorers Club!It is the Club of the astronauts and deepsea divers, the speleologists and tribal explorers, the people on the glaciers, in the jungles and of the mountains. You have to have two celebrities to recommend you and then you have to tell the president why he … Continue reading »

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The Critic At Large (No. 26)

It’s so silly that the baseball cap killed the pith helmet …I’m aware that somebody who wears a pith helmet looks like a planter with slaves. But this traditional, nostalgic and beautiful hat is a paradise in the heat! A shady roof around your head! But when the American troops invaded one country after the … Continue reading »

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MUSIC Let’s Get Personal … (No. 9)

The worldwide scandal my forfather caused in 1827!If you check out museums and auction catalogues the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven must be buried 1827 with hardly a hair on his head. Dozens of ringlets, maybe hundreds, must have been cut from his gorgeous mane when he lie in state in Vienna – so it … Continue reading »

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STREETS I Got a Strange Message … (No. 2)

… from Namibia: The accident in the Thorerstraße was not my faultSomebody sent me a cut-out from the „Allgemeine Zeitung“, the German newspaper in Namibia. Four cars had collided „exactly at high noon“ at the corner of Thorerstraße and Robert Mugabe Avenue in Windhoek. No casualties obviously but a lot of damage and the examplary … Continue reading »

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ANCESTORS Let’s Get Personal … (No. 5)

My grandfather was in Afghanistan too, but in suit and hat This is a treasured painting in my family and has a funny title: „Grandfather Theodor in the company of his suppliers“. He is the one in the three piece suit and hat, naturally. The „Suppliers“ were turbans and cloaks. The location might be Herat … Continue reading »

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SURVIVAL In Praise Of … Your Finger (No. 7)

Feel the shit and you always know how near the elephants are! Tony Moore, the Hollywood star of the bush trackers, told me the trick. Alone I would never had the idea to stretch my index finger and drill into a ball of elephant shit. But it’s true: From the temperature inside you can read … Continue reading »

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ART Interesting People along The Way … (No. 11)

Ann Thorer, the truthful painter of her father!Well, I admit, Ann is my daughter. A writer, a journalist, an editor-in-chief of various magazines in Germany. But she paints – and how! She portraited her brother, friends, our dogs and me. And I think a portrait is much more difficult than a picture. Painting landscapes might … Continue reading »

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