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RESTAURANTS Eating Out – Since 803!

The St. Peter Stiftskeller in Salzburg is 1200 years old … WHAT HAPPENED IN THE YEAR 803? There were no cathedrals, Charles the Great ruled Central Europe and the Byzantine Empire the Mediterranian, the Maya blossomed in Central America and the earth was still a disc (the people believed). In in this year – unbelievable … Continue reading »

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BOOK Up The Danube From The Black Sea

Nick Thorpe’s voyage against the flow from Romania to Germany THIS RIVER SAYS MORE ABOUT WORLD HISTORY THAN ANY OTHER STREAM – THE DANUBE! Say I and the British author Nick Thorpe probably too. It took him a whole year to cover the 2680 km or 1665 miles from the delta at the Romanian coast … Continue reading »

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SECRETS Modern Wonders

Ever heard of Hallstatt? No? Pack up and go there …Well, I admit it’s not easy to get to Hallstatt, especially in winter. That’s why this tiny and car-free village on the western shore of the Hallstätter See (lake) in the extrem western part of Austria (not far from Salzburg) is preserved like it looked … Continue reading »

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MYSTERY A Story Of Glory … (No. 41)

A strangly formed rock in the Alps emanates forces against all evil!Look at this rock formation! My friend Tommy went up there and had a wonderful feeling – like being elated with both feet on the ground. It looks like a head with a horn, or a lady with a hat – 15 m or 45 feet … Continue reading »

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ART Collectors Corner … (No. 39)

Why I love ridiculous old prints …I show you an example, printed ca. 1900. We see servants in the background, obviously amazed by the large chute of a very early recording machine on a traditional Sudanese bed, an „Angareeb“, made of wood, leather and rope. Sharing the bed is an exited white with turban and … Continue reading »

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MUSIC If You Ever Come To … Austria (No. 48)

… visit the Zillertal, the valley of fabulous bands!The Zillertal is a cut into the Alps, running north to south and being 40 km or 25 miles west of the town of Innsbruck in Tyrolia (roughly 2 hours drive from Munich in Bavaria). The WHY can’t be answered, just call it vaguely „tradition“, but in … Continue reading »

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STYLE This Shop Is Top… (No. 17)

La Rochere in France is making glass since 1475I’m fascinated by century old companies, still going strong. Just look in the internet for the list of Oldest Companies – you will be amazed: There is a hotel in Japan, open since 705, and a restaurant in Salzburg (Austria), open since 803. And in 1475 the first … Continue reading »

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ANTIQUARIANS This Shop Is Top … (No. 19)

Dieter Tausch is a modern day Ali Baba. Visit his treasure caveYou wouldn’t expect these wonderful things in the Alps. In London, Paris, New York – yes! But the antquarian Dieter Tausch in Innsbruck, the Tyrolian capital, finds the most amazing things since 1979: rare books, precious prints, lost posters, missing watercolours and works of underrated … Continue reading »

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NAMES Moments You Never Forget … (No. 32)

It’s a matter of pronounciation. A brewer took advantage of it!They can’t stand it anymore in this tiny Austrian village of hardly 400 inhabitants (near the Bavarian border). Three times per year the mayor has to substitute the board with the village name because souvenir hunters steal it. Hundreds of people pose in front of … Continue reading »

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HUMOUR Interesting People … (No. 40)

Meet the man who collects the funniest tombstones!His name: Hans Guggenberger. Nationality: Austrian. Profession: Stonemason. Place: Kramsach in the Inn river valley in Tyrolia. If you ever come near Innsbruck, Munich or Salzburg, take a detour to Kramsach. It’s worth it. There in the cemetery you will have a big laugh and that’s okay with … Continue reading »

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